"Isn’t it worth
45 minutes of your time?"

"Isn’t it worth 45 minutes of your time?"

“Find Your Purpose”

A brilliant young lady who had achieved academic greatness was interviewed by a news reporter about her accomplishments. When he asked her about the purpose of her life, she replied, “I have no idea. I would like to know myself.” She’s not alone!

the Bible contains some surprising answers. Would it be worth 45 minutes of your time to find out? You don’t have to know anything about the Bible. We just want to show you some things that most people haven’t thought much about.

Our “Find Your Purpose” class comes in two formats:

The classes are free of charge, and there will be no pressure or obligation to do anything else. Contact us and we will get you set up for an upcoming session. Want to find your purpose now? Head over to our “Find Your Purpose” video page.

1.In a small group with other, like-minded seekers.

A great first place to start is to watch or listen to some of our
practical, Bible-based sermons

2. Personal, private one-on-one with an instructor

Next, attend an online or in-person Made for a Purpose Class. It only takes 45 minutes, but it will change your life. Schedule your class now