Moral Power

Text: Titus 2:11-14

I. Forgiven – 11

a. “For the grace of God has appeared…”

b. The grace of God is a moral catalyst

c. It is the grace of God that makes me worthy in spite of my unworthiness

d. The ad for a special series of lessons for teens says, “God doesn’t want robots”

II. Changed – 12

a. God’s grace teaches us or trains us to renounce…

b. And to live…

c. In repentance, we renounce our sinful ways and give our lives to God.

d. If the gospel does not radically change your life, then you are not adorning the gospel, because the gospel of Christ changes people.

III. Waiting – 13

a. Our “blessed hope” is “the appearing” of Jesus Christ

b. The attitude of the Christian should be, “I don’t have time to sin because I’m busy waiting for something better.”

c. Three things about this expectancy:

i. Blessed

ii. Glorious

iii. Great

d. One day Jesus will return “in the glory of his father with the holy angels” (Mk. 8:38).

IV. Blessed – 14

a. Jesus gave himself. Consequently, we are….

b. Redeemed

c. Purified

d. Blessed with a sense of belonging

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