Discipleship and Marriage

Three considerations for young people:

I. Will he or she help ________ go to heaven?

  • a. Marrying a strong Christian has to be a non-negotiable
  • b. Fringe benefits
  • c. The bottom line: you also want a life partner who pulls you up instead of down

II. Will he or she help our _____________ go to heaven?

  • a. Again, you don’t want to work at cross-purposes with your spouse in one of the most important functions of the home
  • b. What kind of spouse fits the profile?

III. Will he or she become a true _________________ for service in the kingdom?

  • a. What are the purposes of marriage? Gen. 2:18-24
    1. i. Process
    2. ii. Union formed – an intimacy that rules out sinful perversions
    3. iii. Purposes
  • b. Marrying a fellow-servant – Prov. 31
  • c. Aquila and Priscilla
  • d. Discipleship is an individual endeavor, but there is a teamwork component – Eccl 4:9-12

What if you didn’t marry the right person – what then?
For those who have not yet married, my advice is, “Don’t look around for a life partner, look upwards.”
Prov. 19:14 – “House and wealth are inherited from fathers, but a prudent ______ is from the Lord.”

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